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Keelung Harbor Police Department, National Police Agency

Our Mission
Our mission is to ensure the safe and efficient flow of cargo and cruise passengers, a secure working environment for Port tenants, workers and visitors throughout the jurisdiction of the Port of Keelung by providing pro-active law enforcement and superior customer service in a professional, friendly and enthusiastic manner. We are also dedicated to preventing crimes and stopping smuggling and human trafficking, making Keelung Harbor a safe and prosperous port to stop by.

LOGO of Keelung Harbor Police Department
The concepts of exclusive logo design are as follows:
  1. The core values of harbor police:
    We use warm and vibrant red as the frame to wrap those words“Keelung Harbor Police Department”. For symbolizing the vitality and exuberant ambition of harbor police.
  2. Present the duty features of harbor police:
    We use our Police Boat as the design center, to present the image : for duties we can cut through the wind and waves on our way towards .
  3. The development goals for harbor police:
    Eagles flying above the sky, and police boat heading for the same direction, there are meaning all of us work together, towards the same objective.